千葉県出身の音楽家。2009年、4人組ロックバンド、シャムキャッツとしてデビュー。リードギターとソングライティングを担当。2018年、FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL出演。アルバム通算6枚をリリース、自主レーベル立ち上げなど2010年代のインディーシーンを牽引し、2020年に解散。



主な寄稿に、「ミュージック・マガジン」、「ギター・マガジン」。主な企画・出演に、TBSラジオ「アフター6ジャンクション」、NHK-FM「森崎ウィンのDRIP ASIA」、BSフジ「TOKYO CITY POP 2020」。Podcast番組「好玩電台(ハオワンデンタイ)」ナビゲーター。「アジア都市音楽ディスクガイド」(DU BOOKS)共同監修。


Shinichi Sugawara

A musician from Chiba, Japan, he formed the four-piece rock band Siamese Cats in 2009. They performed at the FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL in 2018. They released 6 albums and started their own label, leading the indie scene in the 2010s.

Currently, he is involved in film music (“Dong Teng Town” in 2019, “BIRD WATCHING” in 2021 directed by Kohei Inoue, “The Cat Got Away” directed by Rikiya Imaizumi to be released in 2022), commercial music production, and music production for artists.

He has also made numerous media appearances as a narrator of Asian pop culture based on his experience of frequent visits to Asia and interaction with local musicians. He is also a curry enthusiast, a cassette tape enthusiast, a writer, an event planner, a menu developer, and is active beyond the boundaries of musicians.

He is a regular contributor to the “Fascinating Asian Pop Letter” section of the music web media TURN. He is a regular contributor to Music Magazine and Guitar Magazine. He is also the navigator of the podcast program “Hao Wang Den Tai”. “Asian Pop Disc Guide” is to be published by DU BOOKS.

IG @sugawarashinichi
Twitter @sugawaraband